Club Leadership

Executive Team 2020 – 2021

Rob Amato, President
Rob Amato

Member since: 2013

“I joined Toastmasters to improve my speaking skills. I stayed for the leadership training and the friendly atmosphere at the meetings. As VP of Membership I now want to pay forward the warm welcome I received at Old Town Toastmasters after having moved to Alexandria from across the country (District 9).”

Birgit Schwenzer, VP of Education
Birgit Schwenzer
VP of Education

Member since: 2012

“This vital leadership role is currently vacant. Confer with the club’s President for the opportunity to fulfill the office of
VP of Education.”


Rob Amato, VP of Membership
Rob Amato
VP of Membership

Member since: 2013

“Toastmasters has benefited me tremendously. No one is born knowing how to present a speech, much less talk. I began my Toastmasters tenure as a lifelong stutterer afraid to speak. Now, I am confident in all aspects of communicating to my peers. Toastmasters works, my friends!”

Stephanie Bailey, VP Public Relations
Stephanie Bailey
VP of Public Relations

Member since: 2021

“There’s more to Old Town Toastmasters than public speaking. As VP of Public Relations, I serve the club as its Webmaster—a valuable skill. All of the club’s leadership roles offer an opportunity to learn and practice new skills. I highly recommend that you give your club your best and take on a leadership position.”


VACANT, Secretary

“The support and encouragement that Old Town Toastmasters gives to its members provides friendly, fertile ground for speaking and leadership skills to grow and grow.”

Jeff Hampton, Treasurer
Jeff Hampton

Awards: CTM
Member since: 1992

“The secret to expanding your mind is active Toastmasters International membership. It is an excellent self-directed program to achieve your goal of improving your speaking.”

Felipe Gomez-Acebo, Sergeant At Arms
Felipe Gomez-Acebo
Sergeant at Arms

Member since: 2021

“I have grown much personally and professionally since I became a member of Old Town Toastmasters. Its approach of offering a supportive environment to allow its members to learn how to speak in front of people is the club’s major attraction to me. I have learned a lot and I know that I can improve even further.”

Birgit Schwenzer, Immediate Past-President
Birgit Schwenzer
2020-2021 President

Member since: 2012

“Serving my club as its President afforded me a tremendous opportunity to self-observe my leadership skills in action. I was able to apply the skills I already have, test out new approaches, and solidify my acumen as a team leader. The club’s presidency delivers multiple challenges that have increased my ability to plan, problem-solve, and respond effectively and efficiently—vital skills for anyone seeking to progress their careers.
Thank you Old Town Toastmasters.”