Club Leadership

2019-2020 Board

Rob Amato, President
Rob Amato

Member since:

Wendy Wickham, VP of Education
Wendy Wickham
VP of Education

Member since: 2016

“Toastmasters is one of those rare learning environments that provide a safe space to practice, positive and practical feedback, and a community of people actively seeking to improve their skills and themselves.”


Birgit Schwenzer, VP of Membership
Birgit Schwenzer, DTM
VP of Membership

Member since: 2012

“I joined Toastmasters to improve my speaking skills. I stayed for the leadership training and the friendly atmosphere at the meetings. As VP of Membership I now want to pay forward the warm welcome I received at Old Town Toastmasters after having moved to Alexandria from across the country (District 9).”

Birgit Schwenzer, VP of Public Relations
Birgit Schwenzer, DTM
VP of Public Relations

Member since: 2012

“Toastmasters is an excellent program for those who wish to get more comfortable in front of an audience. The supportive nature of our club helps members push their boundaries, overcome fears, and learn to enjoy and embrace the art of public speaking. Join us for a meeting and see what it’s all about”


Sharon Alfred, Secretary
Sharon Alfred

Awards: Pathways Level One and Four (IP4, MS2)
Member since: 2013

“The support and encouragement that Old Town Toastmasters gives to its members provides friendly, fertile ground for speaking and leadership skills to grow and grow.”

Jeff Hampton, Treasurer
Jeff Hampton

Awards: CTM
Member since: 1992

“The secret to expanding your mind is active Toastmasters International membership. It is an excellent self-directed program to achieve your goal of improving your speaking.”

Edwin Agudelo, Sergeant At Arms
Edwin Agudelo
Sergeant at Arms

Member since:


Blaire Bingham, Immediate Past-President
Blaire Bingham
2018–2019 President

Member since: 2016

“I joined Toastmasters because every meeting gives me a chance to push myself into a zone where I am nervous and uncomfortable. Our club is such a supportive place where I am allowed to take on meeting roles, test my speechcraft, be imperfect, and learn from our club’s amazing members. There is no other place I have found that has so many resources to help you meet your speaking and leadership goals.”