Membership Dues

Old Town Toastmasters is a low-cost way to improve upon your professional skills.

Enrolling in a “Public Speaking” course at a university or via private learning can cost you THOUSANDS of dollars. Furthermore, an expensive college course lasts for only one semester! Overcoming your fear of speaking and learning valued leadership skills takes much longer than a 15-week college class.

A Toastmasters membership lasts as long as you want simply by progressing at your own pace and paying your minimal annual or semi-annual dues.

You may pay your membership dues via PayPal® or by using cash or check (payable to Old Town Toastmasters – collected by the club’s Treasurer during a club meeting).

Current Members:

$132 Annual – due by September 30
$66 Semi-Annual – due by September 30
$66 Semi-Annual – due by March 31

New Members:

Pay a $20 Toastmasters International “New Member Fee” plus a prorated amount to cover your current
semi-annual membership period. Check with the club’s Treasurer for the amount that you will need to pay.

• Send PayPal payment to
• When using PayPal to pay your dues, send the funds “As a Friend,”  NOTFor Goods and Services.
• If using a credit card linked to your PayPal account then you will be assessed a PayPal credit card transaction fee.