Feedback, badges and documents – A Distinguished Toastmaster’s Perspective

Fellow Toastmasters, this is a direct follow-up to my last blog post on May 8, 2021 titled “How can you use Base Camp to support OTHERS? – A Distinguished Toastmaster’s Perspective”. I will start by talking about feedback and badges (again). This time it is the feedback and badges you receive and collect. The third topic in this blog post is about how you can upload documents in Pathways, i.e. Base Camp, and why you should do so.

  • Under “My Feedback” you can request (specific) feedback from club members. I find it a little bit limiting that this feature is restricted to only club members. I would like to be able to use it, e.g. for feedback on jointly organized speech contests at the club level. Maybe this can be/will be modified in the future. For now, click on the textbox and type your feedback request, search for your club member by typing their name (full name not required) into the search for users field, and select who should be able to see the feedback. You can select “Managers” (I have never requested or received feedback, my best guess is that these are the Base Camp Managers, not your boss at work) or “Everyone” or leave both options unchecked. Click “Post” and your intended recipient will be notified. Btw., clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner allows you to “View All Feedback Requests”.
  • Under “My Badges” you can see all the Achievement (or Learning) badges as well as badges someone else assigned to you as feedback (see my blog post from May 8, 2021). Here is an example what this looks like: The badge for your Path is grayed out until you complete it. Badges for achieving a Level are only shown once you get credit for this level.
  • Under “My Documents” you can upload the evaluations you receive or anything you like. This is a good way to keep your Toastmasters files organized. You can also upload your written out speeches along with the evaluations, it is completely up to you. Uploading your evaluations is not mandatory. As far as I can tell nobody at Toastmasters International checks if you actually gave the speeches (although your VPE should, and I know the OTTM VPE does).

Everything under “My Badges” and “My Documents” is also collectively referred to as “E-Portfolio”. It is confusing to me that for the features described in this blog post there seem to be various names for it in Base Camp, depending on how you get there. What I have described seems to be the most straight forward way to me to access the features, but beware, someone might be referring to them using a different name (achievement badge or learning badge; my documents or e-portfolio)

Good luck and enjoy your Pathways journey!

Your friendly neighborhood DTM.


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