Prepare and Run a Meeting
as Toastmaster of the Evening

When the honor is bestowed upon you to serve as the Toastmaster of the Evening (TMOE) that means you will “run the show” as emcee of an Old Town Toastmasters’ meeting. You will need to prepare the meeting in advance and pay meticulous attention to your responsibilities:

  • Understand your role as TMOE, and the duties of your meeting’s team, from top to bottom—review the greater details in the meeting roles descriptions.
  • Review how a typical meeting is conducted and prepare and print the agenda for the meeting. The latest agenda template is available for download below.
  • Review the schedule of who has been pre-assigned to perform meeting roles and who has signed up to present a speech.
  • Confirm with your team that everyone is aware of their roles, available to attend the meeting, and understands how to perform their meeting role. Ask your General Evaluator to assist you.
  • Choose a theme for the meeting in advance and share it with the Grammarian and the Table Topics Master to help them prepare for their roles.
  • Plan and explain your chosen theme to your audience, why you have chosen it, and what it means. For example, during the holiday season, “Thanksgiving” is a common theme in which the TMOE provides a mini-speech for what and/or why he or she is “thankful.”
  • Introduce each member who possesses a speaking or administrative role as appropriate and transition between speakers and meeting segments
  • Wrap up your responsibilities as TMOE by reviewing and helping to edit the evening’s meeting minutes. The minutes will be delivered to you a few days following the meeting.

Resources to Manage a Toastmasters Meeting