Where to record your meeting roles? – A Distinguished Toastmaster’s Perspective

Fellow Toastmasters, do you wonder what happened to the leadership track from the Legacy Program?

You can read my blog post from April 12th, 2021 for a refresher/reminiscer about the Legacy Program. It still exists. Toastmasters is “Where Leaders are Made”! Some aspects of it are dispersed throughout the different paths as electives, others are separated out into separate suggested programs (for example mentoring).

Are you a club officer or Toastmaster of the Day and have trouble getting your members to fill meeting roles? Remind them that they get credit for it. As you progress in Pathways, you will get to a point when you cannot submit your level completion to the VPE unless you have performed meeting roles. Don’t let this take you by surprise. Here is some information about where and how to record your meeting roles. It’s not intuitive. Have you noticed the cogwheel (gear icon) in the upper right corner on the Base Camp landing page? This is what you are looking for:

Hover your mouse over it and you get the option to select “My Account”. This leads you to a page, that looks like this, where you can record your meeting roles. Don’t forget to do so!

Good luck and enjoy your Pathways journey!

Your friendly neighborhood DTM.


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